Saturday, June 22, 2013

UPCOMING: Pokemon Bronze

I grew up with Pokemon Gold as a kid, it was the first Pokemon game I had owned and I still play the story through from the beginning every year or so.
But I wanted to play a new Pokemon game in the Game Boy Colour generation of games, I could never really get into the newer games.
So I played Pokemon Brown and Prism and it inspired me to create a Pokemon Gold hack of my own!

Basically Pokemon Bronze is made in a similar way to Brown, I don't have a lot of rom hacking experience (almost none before I had even started) I had messed about making crappy hacks for myself but now I am doing my best to basically morph everything from Gold's story and areas so it feels like a new game in Generation II.

The Starters I've chosen are a mix of Red/Yellow and Gold. I went with Charmander, Totodile and Pichu as my personal "best of".

The Story Is basically your generic Pokemon affair, It is set right after the events in Gold and you leave home and get a Pokemon from a professor and defeat gym leaders and the elite four with a group of antagonists to battle along the way, and a rival.
That's the way I wanted to make it, a regular Pokemon game.

The Region for lack of a better name that I can think of is called Kohto, which sits south west of Kanto (which is connected via underground path) It has 8 towns and some new things/features are more varied environments such as patchy grass that Pokemon are less likely to appear in, and trees/paths have fade offs into grass and stuff.

I will also make a version of the hack with a girl main character if people would like that.

I am basically the only person working on it, although every now and then I have a friend, Bianca, that will do designs for me and suggest text for people to say, but the majority of it has just been me on my own.
Currently I've been working on it all year and the project is about 2/3 done.
Most of what's left is replacing text and changing trainer's Pokemon and levels but for the most part the entire main quest is competed and in place.


And that's the gist of it.

A new basic Pokemon game in Generation II.

I hope to finish it within the next few months!

Demo released!

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