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UPCOMING: Pokemon Dark Rising 2

The Story So FarYou, the player, wake up from a sudden dream you had in the region known as CORE, where you live. In the dream, a Pokemon tells you of a dark force that has begun it's reawakening & asks for your aid in stoping it from causing chaos upon the world. You soon discover your best friend also had the same visit from the Pokemon in the form of a dream as well. After helping your town's professor, you set out on your own Pokemon adventure paired with your DRAGON-Type Pokemon & many questions unanswered in your mind. What is Darugis, the dark force the Pokemon spoke of? Along your journey, you discover Darugis can control the minds of people and Pokemon alike. You meet a man named V, who was a former assistance of your father, who Darugis now has captured along with the Pokemon from your dream. As your journey continues, you meet many enemies, some who become rivals, and even friends. Sydney, a young woman who watched Darugis's reawakening cause the death of her family and her village. Dray, a strong-willed Pokemon trainer who's father was also connected to your father and helped defeat Darugis years ago. And Florina, another strong trainer with a genius mind when it comes to technology. Together, along with your childhood friend, Pete, as well as assistance from a once enemy, Kayo, defeated Adrian, the champion of the OMNI Region who happened to be one of Darugis's main puppets. Through this time, you've grown to become a very strong Pokemon trainer. Even battling the likes of Ash Ketchum himself, the world's greatest Pokemon Trainer. You've also gained the ability to connect and bond with Legendary Pokemon. As some questions became clear with answers, more begin to grow in your mind. For example, what is the true connection between the 3 Chosen Ones? You have the power to Bond and communicate with Pokemon. A young man known as Light has the power to create Pokemon through energy. And your best friend, the 3rd Chosen One, what is his ability? There's still so much unanswered...

Now, You and the rest of your friends(Team Dark Rising) have set off to the OMNI Region in search of DARUGIS & saving your father. Three days have past since the events at Malice Castle...The team has changed their gear, and left all traces of events within the CORE Region behind them, including their Pokemon(Except their DRAGONS). What awaits you & the Team at the OMNI Region? Is there an even bigger threat than Darugis being formed?

Day/Night System
Physical/Special Split
Pokemon from Every Generation (1st-6th)
Even more New Moves. Including Grass Knot, Stone Edge, Earth Power, Scald, and more.
Dream World Abilities. Including Drought Vulpix, Drizzle Poliwag, Speed Boost Torchic, and more.
Completely redone learned moves for every Pokemon in the hack. All Pokemon will learn their best egg moves & move tutor attacks by level up instead of breeding & teaching it to them for a price. Including Dragon Dance Tyranitar, Stealth Rock/Spikes/Leech Seed Ferrothorn, Ice Punch/Fire Punch Electivire, and more.
12 Gym Badges
A World Championship Tournament, featuring fan favorite champions and characters from various games and the anime.
New Original Music custom designed just for this hack.
Grind Bot (Replacing Nurse Joy/Doctor Roy from DR1). Grind Bot will be in every Pokemon center and project a hologram of gym leaders from various regions in the Pokemon universe. So for example, the Grind Bot in the 6th Pokemon center you come across may allow you to battle Volkner, while the 3rd or 4th center Grind Bot may project a hologram of Morty for you to battle. This is helpful for extra exp points.
ALL of the original GRASS/WATER/FIRE Starters from Gen 1-5 will be available in specific areas in the hack with a 1% or 2% chance of them appearing.
Choose your Dragon Starter from Dark Rising 1 in it’s final evolution as your first Pokemon or choose from the other two if you want to switch up this time around. (In other words, DRAGONITE/SALAMENCE/GARCHOMP are the Starter

Oren/Orena: The Hero/Heroine of the hack. This young but very skilled Pokemon trainer is on a mission to save his/her father, release Arceus, and defeat Darugis while becoming the best Pokemon trainer in the world. He/She has the ability to bond with Pokemon, allowing him/her to understand the words spoken by legendary Pokemon. Despite only being a trainer for such a short time, he/she has earned the reputation of being a top prospect after defeating the OMNI-League Champion, Adrian.
Kaz(Rival): Kaz is the best friend of Oren/Orena and also has an ability to connect with Pokemon. While that exact ability is unknown, he too has the power to release Arceus from it’s chamber and stop Darugis. Like Oren/Orena, Kaz is a very skilled trainer and tends to use plenty of offense in battle after boosting his Pokemon’s strength.
Sydney: A powerful trainer who lost her parents due to Darugis’s reawakening. Although she is short-tempered, she has a very compassionate heart and manage to soothe the soul of Kyurem, before capturing it.
Dray: A cocky yet skilled trainer, he has won numerous league tournaments in different regions and often has a joke for every situation. Despite being a comedian, he takes Pokemon very serious and is one of the top trainers in the world. He hopes to someday defeat Ash Ketchum and win the title. He is the boyfriend of Pokemon trainer, Florina.
Florina: A master of technology, she has won her fair share of league tournaments and has certified herself as one of the best trainers in the world. She is the girlfriend of Pokemon trainer, Dray.
Prof.Mercury: Said to be the most aggressive Pokemon Professor in the world, Prof.Mercury tends to keep to herself and explodes on anyone who asks her too many questions. Despite her straight forward attitude and annoyance to everything, she cares deeply for Pokemon and never wants to see any in danger.
Benga: Benga lost his parents and grandmother when he was only a newborn baby due to an event long ago where Pokemon felt in danger by humans. The Pokemon known as Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion attacked his parents and grandmother because they felt threatened, landing fatal blows to each of them. Benga’s only purpose as a Pokemon trainer is to become powerful enough to take revenge for his lost and capture the Pokemon, Heatran. Who he believes is just the right Pokemon to defeat them.
Jalice: A lonesome, homeless girl. Jalice has been surviving on her own since she was a child. Her and her partner Pokemon, Fennekin, travel from city to city, gathering resources and stealing food at any chance they can get before fleeing to another town. Not much is known about her.

Darugis: The ultimate dark entity, Darugis was created from all of the negative energy in the world. It’s power rivals the god of all Pokemon, Arceus.

Arceus: The God of all Pokemon, Arceus has been sealed away by Darugis in a dark chamber. Only the Chosen Ones can free it and use it’s power to defeat Darugis.



Scripter- thizzman/Patrick Symus/Shubunkus
Music Composer- Jillsandwich93
Mapper- Moety5/Atif
Hologram Spriter-Zekrom The Hedgehog
Trainer Backsprite Inserter & Pokemon Spriter-Aryan143
Beta Tester-Leafgreen2itsmyidea
Box Art Creator & Textbox Editor-Pinkish Purple
Pokemon Spriter-Kinataki
OW Spriter-Jbsundown
New Trainer Sprites-Foxz
Banner Maker/Art Creator- Bobina30
(Couldn't do this without you guys. Thanks!)

Additional Credit Support
Main Cast Trainer Sprites-Seiyouh
Inserted Backgrounds-Omega Zero
Title screen/Title Screen Image- Tajaros/Nopie/Darthvader317
Pokemon Sprites-Chaos Rush’s 64x64 Pokemon Resource & all affiliates that make sprites for it.
Physical/Special Split-Doesntknowhowtoplay
Overworld Bases- Zelix
Supporter/Beta Tester-Alienhunterx
Tool Creators-(Wouldn't be possible without their inventions)
Rom Base- Dante,Kyledove,WesleyFG,Pey!,xiros,zein,femok, and Eddiee.
Map for the First City/Route-Kyledove
Rom Base Minis-Wesley FG
(If I forgot ANYONE, even for the slightest assistance, please let me know and I'll gladly add you to the list.)

The Q&A:
Q. Why are the Pokemon X & Y in the hack? All of their information is still a mystery.
A. By the time this hack’s released, I’ll have all of their information. Pokemon X & Y will probably be released way before this hack’s complete.
Q. This hack won’t be as buggy as Dark Rising 1, will it?
A. No, not at all. The majority of DR1 was made by Me & another user named Tajaros. It was just us two. At the time, although we had knowledge in different areas of Rom hacking, we were both still beginners compared to how good we are now. DR2 is being made by a whole team full of experts in their respective areas of creation.
Q. Any other 6th gen Pokemon you’ll be adding?
A. Other than Fennekin, Xerneas, and Yveltal, I’ll only add 6th gen Pokemon IF they’re evolve or pre-evolve forms of Pokemon that are already in the hack. So for example, once Sylveon’s information is released to the public, I’ll add it because Eevee’s in the hack. But any new species of Pokemon, no, I won’t be adding them. Only new evolved or pre-evolved Pokemon.
Q. When will this hack be released?
A. No Time Soon. The full release probably won’t even be this year. I’ll try to get a beta out by summer, but that’s all I can promise for now. You’ll at least have a beta this year, that’s a 100% guarantee

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