Saturday, June 22, 2013

UPCOMING: Pokémon Heat of Fate

"Everybody needs this."

Hey, there! Welcome to the thread of Pokémon Heat of Fate! I'm Rizon, the creator of Pokémon Heat of Fate! (Don't think I stole this hack cos I am Tackle.) Well, this hack was restarted for million times. But this will be the final restart! Also, this is a solo-hack, so no rushing!
(If you do, you won't get my perfect apples.)

"You need to read this."

The hack's name is Pokémon Heat of Fate, this hack's based on Pokémon Emerald. The game will be in English.
Status: Working on the decapitalization.

"Everybody has their stories."

In Fateric Town, lives a fourteen boy who dreamed to be the strongest Pokémon Trainer in the world.
His name's Armin.
Armin has the best friend, his name's Eren.
Eren also wants to be the strongest Trainer, just like Armin.
Today was a good day, Prof. Birch is giving away the Pokémon!
This is the chance to chase the dream!
I won't reveal something major.

"The attractions."

• Some new tiles in Emerald style.
• New musics.
• Some Sinnoh and Unova Pokémon. (I might add some Kalos Pokémon.)
• Chaos Rush's awesome Pokémon Sprites.
• Sidequests.
• No sound corruption. (I believe this is a feature.)
Well, you can see more features in game, okay, thank you, bye!

Screenshots"Yay screenies!"

"The things I (we) don't want."

Luckily none.

"The greatest things in the thread."

Nu nu nu. c;

"These people are awesome and I know it."

First, I need to say thank you to those tool makers and tutorial makers. If there weren't they, this hack wouldn't be exist.
Alistair - Tiles
Calis Project - Tiles
Zein - Tiles
HackMew - Running Shoes Indoor
Wind Heart - Helpful Story Ideas
Chaos Rush - Sprites & How to prevent Sound Corruption
Wizznats - Sprites
jhajjar - Sprites
Vapper3 - Sprites
atif - Sprites
redriders180 - Sprites
cmbeke - Sprites
Tailes - Sprites
SneakerTheOtter - Sprites
karatekid522 - Sprites

The End

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