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Pokémon Liquid Ocean

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Name: Pokémon Liquid Ocean
Code base: Pokémon Fire Red (U) [BPRE]
Date started: June 19, 2008
Creator: Christos (Semele, Cierra)
Language: English

» New region - The region of Soala, with many different environments and home to all kinds of Pokémon
» New storyline - Find the true goals of both Lunaria and the Crimson Wings
» Custom tiles There will be custom buildings in each town, trees, grass etc. will stay the same
» New characters Rivals, friends and enemies battling you and helping you with your quest
» Small quests Help people in Soala by getting them items they need, delivering messages, and many more; there will be rewards

It's a special for Colin today, his father, Ethan, is showing him and his best friend, Nate, the invention he's been working on for the past months, and Mael, a friend of your father's, is going to give both of you your first Pokémon. Colin's father though, has left leaving a message saying he was going to help people with his new invention. This doesn't worry Colin, since his father has done that before, but when Kyle, Nate's brother, leaves too, without saying anything, Colin and Nate decide to try and find their relatives, while training to obtain the eight Soala League badges. In this quest, Colin comes across two groups which are "trying to make the world a better place". Is Colin's father and Kyle in one of these groups? What are the two groups' goals? Play and find out!

Colin | Nate | Kyle | Mael | Louise

Lunaria is an organization, founded by two siblings who were both scientists after they created an unstable formula, the Lunarian Formula. Lunaria's leader is now Onyx, one of the two siblings, his name is unknown and he hides his face with a mask. The other sibling left Lunaria after disagreeing with Onyx on what to do with the Formula. Each of the members of this secret organization has a different role and position there.
Lucia | Sophia | Tristan | Emily | Joshua

The Crimson Wings are a small group consisting of three well-known criminals; they’re seen around the region committing minor crimes. They’re trying to gather information about Lunaria, and nobody knows how they know about the organization and why they want the information.
Alex | Garet | Kaitlyn

» Avatar: Overworld sprites
» ~Womanizer ~: Thread layout (and Cowrie for the Buizel artwork)
» PokéSho: Sprites
» SpriHackNet: Sprites
» Coronis: Sprites
» Mateo: custom buildings
» Kyledove: Tiles
» $_$: Overworlds
» Tare9: Tristan overworld sprite
» TreeckoLv.100: Rebecca trainer sprite
» Amachi: Nate trainer sprite
» BlackRainbow: Titlescreen logo
» Kage X: Mask of Ice overworlds

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