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Pokémon Saga - Pokémon DarkViolet


What is Pokémon Saga? It's a series of hacks that I'm making to create a perfect game for every region. There's going to be 4 hacks, and they will be named DarkViolet, Jade, HeartGold, and Platinum, and they'll take place in the Kanto, Hoenn, Johto (and later Kanto), and Sinnoh regions.

This is DarkViolet, and it takes place in the Kanto region. Basically, it follows the plotline of Pokémon Red/Blue/FireRed/LeafGreen, which is why I'm not going to bother explaining the plot because I'm sure you already know what it is. Believe it or not, I've had this whole "Pokemon Saga" concept for quite a while, but I've had to restart a few times due to glitches or me not being able to decide how I'm going to do this. Remember, "Pokemon ShadowAmethyst" and "Pokemon Saga - Adventure"? Yeah, this is basically the same thing. Back when this was called ShadowAmethyst, the graphical style was kinda weird looking... it was R/S/E overworlds mixed with HG/SS tiles. Bleh. But I've thought things over, and I've decided to use FR/LG tiles. When I start working on "Pokemon Saga - Emerald", I will also use FR/LG style graphics.

FR/LG's Kanto is pretty inconsistent with HG/SS's Kanto, so I'm re-creating HG/SS's Kanto as if it was 3 years earlier. Features*FR/LG style graphics, but with HG/SS architectural design
*All Gym Leaders have new teams (except Brock)
*All Elite Four members have new teams
*Kanto music in it's original key
*The Team Rocket plot is slightly expanded. You can expect to see what Archer and Arianna were doing 3 years before HG/SS.
*Sevii Islands, w00t!
*Kanto Dex expanded 200 Pokemon. Or at least, that's what I would like to do, but I'm still figuring out how to hack the R/S Pokedex while leaving the National one alone.
*200 Pokemon are obtainable before the Elite Four. Once you beat the Elite Four, 386 Pokemon are obtainable. The majority of the Pokemon that can't be found in the wild can be obtained from a special Gift Shop.
*De-capitalization, in the style of the 4th Gen games (that means Pokemon names are still in CAPS)
*Some of the R/B/FR/LG dialogue is kind of odd... so they might get changed around a little bit
*Optional battles with your pseudo-rival, Red/Green. They'll have the starter that is weak to yours, while Blue has the starter that has the advantage over yours. Say, if you're playing as Red and you picked Charmander, then Blue will have Squirtle, and Green will have Bulbasaur.
*Battle Frontier, located on one of the Sevii Islands... haven't decided which one yet XD!
*I don't care about nostalgia. Therefore, I will do my best to make this game actually seem like a modern Pokemon game.
*Some more stuff... whatever Before I didn't know how to do this, but now I've finally come up with a final solution: Use FR/LG style graphics. What I was doing before was a complete mess (check my previous thread), but now everything seems to be going alright.

In simple words: This is basically FR/LG with all the goodiness of Emerald, plus Kanto is re-mapped with HG/SS in mind.
Hack of: Pokémon Emerald

Alpha Screenshots:

Beta 1 screenshots:

You will not obtain a Lv69 Charmander from Prof. Oak.

As you can see in some of the screenshots, I'm trying to make it look as if that's what HG/SS's Kanto was 3 years before the events of HG/SS. For instance, Oak does not have a carpet in his lab, because he got a carpet installed during the 3 years between Gen III and Gen IV :D.

Programs I've used (List may be outdated. Not that I actually care):
* AdvanceMap
* Advance Palette Editor
* A-Trainer
* Door Manager
* Gold Finger Hex Editor
* Overworld Editor - Rebirth Edition
* unLZ.gba - HackMew's version
* VisualBoyAdvance
* eXtreme Script Editor
* Sappy 2005
* Free Space Finder
* Tile Molester Alternate
* Paint
* Pointer calculator
*One of the students in the Viridian Trainer School has glitchy text... will fix this for Beta 1.1
*Brock's intro text has some missing letters towards the end... will fix this for Beta 2

*When Daisy gives you the Running Shoes and Town Map, it plays the Battle Frontier jingle
*If you're playing as a girl, Red will force you into a battle on Route 4 even though it's supposed to be optional... don't know how I screwed that up, but it will be fixed for Beta 2

The Alpha goes up to Route 1... and that's pretty much it. Here's the credits:
*Me, of course.
*Everyone who made those tools
*Giradialkia - Never stopped giving me feedback, and gave me useful patches so I don't have to insert new OWs. And he recently fixed a custom song.
*The author of Pokemon CrystalShards - I forgot his name, but since his hack used FR/LG tiles on an Emerald base, I looked at his hack as a reference when inserting new tiles.
*ZodiacDaGreat - Since he's also working on a Ruby hack with FR/LG tiles, I copied some of the tile animations in TileMolester .
*Dragonfree - For letting me use her Mewtwo sprite that I plan on implementing into the titlescreen in the future

Also, for those who don't like .ips files, here's an .aps file for Beta 1:

Click here to see a map of Beta 1
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