Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pokemon Lickitung Adventures!

ROM BASE: LeafGreen HACK NAME: Lickitung Adventures! AUTHOR: BrainChord LANGUAGE: English

My first solo hack, basically I'm making a game where you can only catch and train Lickitung, Surftung, and Stantler. I wanted to create an environment where you go up against the greatest enemies with one Pokémon, of course I added Surftung and Stantler as extras, and they are rare.

Alpha 0.5 has all wild Pokémon changed into Lickitung and a few extra changes, I will release alpha 1 next week with Surftung inserted. I MIGHT add a storyline later on, however for now I think I should focus on creating the monopoké environment. Features

Moar Lickitung than usual New Pokemon: SurfTung I might add a storyline different from LeafGreen's... one of the very few LeafGreen hacks Screenshots

Bugs currently none Releases

Alpha 0.5 -

BrainChord Mewthree9000, Lu-Ho, Scizz, HackMew - to

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