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Pokemon Infernal Legend

We all know the story of Red (play Fire Red to find out). 3 years after his triumph over the Indigo Plateau champion, he was beaten by Gold (play Shiny Gold or Liquid Crystal yo find out everything). 50 years later, after many feuds across the land and after many tiresome battles, Blue (grandson of Prof Samuel Oak) moved to the Ioho Reigon, a reigon east of an unknown reigon (which you can reach after the Elite 4) north of Sinnoh. Blue adopted his birth name and for the past 20 years, he has been known as the Pokemon researcher Prof Gary Oak.

But Ioho has fallen on tough times. After their defeat in Hoenn, Team Magma decided to go into hiding and devise a plot. Not to conquer the world, but to expand their army. After their invasion on Ioho, they turned Pokemon gyms into their recruitment academies and appointed a powerful trainer as the academy director. They took over the Champion's Plateau and made it the Global Headquarters. Now they search for Legendary Pokemon, reasons unknown.

Today, you wake up and it's the day that marks the beginning of your Pokemon journey. Yay (if only it was real). You walk out of bed and get ready to go downstairs when something shocking, scary and out of the ordinary happens (no spoilers ). You go downstairs and talk to Mom. She tells you that Grandma wants you. You talk you Grandma and are sent on an errand to Bayleaf Harbour, to recieve the recently missing Prof Gary Oak's parcel from the old sailor Captain Mac.

When getting it back, giving it to Grandma and saying goodbye to your Mom, You're lief changes forever. Get ready to batttle Team Magma in a quest to restore the Ioho Reigon to it's former glory by shutting down their training academies, encountering Legendary Pokemon, mysterious rivals and journeying to the Global Headquarters to stop them once and for all!

Basic Info

Name: Pokemon Infernal Legend
Hack of:
Author: Pokepal17
Team: No Teams, it's a solo project but when I need help, please feel free to assist me.


2 New Reigons to explore
New events
All legendary Pokemon available
New Evolution Method
Customs tiles, some made by me
The Days of the week children will come back
A swarm Pokemon event like in D/P
An Underground ike the Sinnoh one
Rivals (some you'll be familiar with)
Trainers with new looks
Whirlpool make a return
Headbutt trees are back
Berry bushes have been reincarnated
A new way of trainer rematching
Return of the Policeman
Some houseowners aren't happy about you entering their house
Some people are out so you can't get into their houses


A digging minigame like D/P
A cave maze minigame
An ice slide minigame


None yet


Back hacking

Q. Why can't you post ROMs?
A. ROMS are illegal on these forums?
Q. Are you planning to add any D/P Pokemon?
A. NO!
Q. Are you going to add any Fakemon?
A. NO!
Q. Why don't you call this town .....?
A. I have already thought of names.
Q. Why don't you have ........ as part of the story?
A. I don't want to.
Q. Why do you have lame sprites?
A. I am not a spriter.
Q. Where can I get your tiles?
A. The tiles I've used are from Pokecommunity in the resources thread, from PHO or I drew them myself.
Q. Can I use the tiles that you edited, drew or revamped?
A. Under no circumstances can anybody use them.
Q. What's an IPS?
A. An IPS is a patch that contains the data for a ROM and it's used because ROMs are illegal.
Q. How do I use and IPS?
A. You patch it to a clean ROM using LIPS; it's really simple.
Q. When will you release a beta?
A. Asking me will only delay the beta.

Zel (resources and inspiration)
Kyledove (tiles)
Synyster_Zeikku (tiles, sprites and help)
LinkandZelda (scripting help, support and helping me on stuff I never understood)
Marnic (sprites)
Green Charizard (tiles, but I edited his Pokecenter and mart)
Thethethe (scipting tutorial)
HackMew (help on different things)
PHO (tiles)
0m3GA ARS3NAL (hex layouts and increasing my knowledge of the ROM)
Scizz (d/p music files)
Magnius (music)
Billhill94 (beta testing)
Luke1084 (beta testing)
Youtube (videos)
Spriters Resource and the spriters there (different sprites and tiles)

Tools Used

Credits to the makers of these tools
Advance Map 1.92
XSE v.1.1.2
MS Paint
Cygnus Hex Editor
Advance Palette Editor
Overworld Editor RE
Hacked unLZ-GBA
VBA 1.80
Free Space Finder
Advance Text
Tile Molester Alternate
Paintshop Pro
Hex Workshop

Beta 1.0
Attached Files
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