Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pokemon Complex Crystal - 100% Complete!

Introduction ______________________________

Welcome! I previously released a hack under the same name as this project but it was no where near as complete as this time around, since doing Emerald, Fire Red and then Platinum I thought I'd give one of the older generations a try granted that my hacking skills of these games aren't too great. Another reason why I decided to create this is due to the difficulty of the game originally, Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal are extremely easy in my opinion so I wanted to change that by spicing up the levels and also mixing up the wild Pokémon found in Johto & Kanto. Anyway here's what this hack is all about!

Hack Details ______________________________

Name: Pokémon Complex Crystal ROM Base: Pokémon Crystal [U] Release Date:7th November 2012 Current Release: Beta 1.2

Features ______________________________ These are the following features (or changes) in-game.

Wild Pokemon - All of the251 Pokemon available will be catchable somewhere in Johto or Kanto. This includes those not originally included in Crystal such as Mankey, Mareep, Vulpix etc. Also, every area has had a levelincrease to fit the location in-game. Difficulty - The whole game difficultyhasbeenincreased. Gyms & Elite Four - All of theGym Leaders and Elite Four Members have had a complete team overhaul. These can be found in the documents archived in the download. Trainers - All trainers around Kanto & Johto have been edited to fit their area in the game. Pokemon Stats - 40+ Pokemon have had an increase in their total stats, you can find out which ones by viewing the document archived in thedownload. Moves - Some moves have had an increase in power and/or PP i.e Giga Drain, Slash, Steel Wing etc. Evolution - I have edited all the evolution lines that previously required trade; you now only need to train to a certain levelor usea specificitem. Trades - Some of the in-game trades have been altered so that you now receive Pokémon that are harder to catch.

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