Wednesday, June 05, 2013

How To Install GBA Emulator On Android

Requirements : Android 2.1+

How to play Nintendo 64, Gameboy
Advance & Super Nintendo games on
your Android device in 5 simple

Step 1
Download and install Nintendo
64, GameBoid & SuperGNES emulator.

Step 2
For GameBoid Download the
Gameboy Advance BIOS file onto your
phone in a folder called GBA (or
something similar for eference). This
will allow you to actually run the
games using the emulator.

Step 3
Download your favourite
Nintendo 64, Gameboy advanced,
Super Nintendo ROMS (games) save
them in any folder you like. Unzip the
GBA games for better search, no need
to Unzip N64 or SNES games it will
search automaticaly.
Step 4 Launch the Emulator of your
choice. For GameBoid specify the
location of your BIOS file when

Step 5 Enjoy hours of endless retro
gaming fun!


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