Wednesday, June 05, 2013

**Get activation code for vBagX v1.25 S60v3**

**Get activation code for vBagX v1.25

VbagX v1.25 is an emulator that allows
you to play GBA games on your
smartphone. It only plays for a limited
time, you need to activate the
emulator to play for an unlimited
time. We can use the Vkey keygen on
our phone which automatically
generates your code using your
phone's inbuilt imei but it needs
Python software to run. VbagX v1.25
which is only for s60v3 users, follow
the instructions below to get your
activation code without PC.

SIGNED.sis (171kb)


**STEP 1:
First download and install Python
Runtime v2.0.0. This program runs in
background to open the keygen.
SIGNED.sisx (2.0mb)

**STEP 2:
Now download the Vkey keygen but do
not install it yet. DOWNLOAD VKEY
SIGNED.sis (19kb)

*STEP 3:
Important-Switch off your phone and
switch it on again, so that it can close
all open applications.

**STEP 4:
Now install the Vkey in your
PHONE MEMORY, yes the phone
memory not the memory card
otherwise it won't open. After opening
it will ask for connection, just ignore it
and click no. **NOTE: When you first
clicked open and it does not want to
open, click open again and voila - you
got your keygen!!

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