Thursday, July 11, 2013

UPCOMING: Pokemon Journey By TrainerMusaddiq ( Meboy)

Pokemon Gold

Title - Pokemon Journey

Storyline: Nothing is
changed really, its the same
as in any game likely. You
go for a journey and
become a number 1 trainer.

The starting money has
been changed
All Pokemons learn
evolution faster
A few Pokemons Learn
moves longer
Pikachu, calebi, ho-ho is a
more powerful pokemons
and catching rate a bit
Items are now more
New items in the mart
New Sprites
Updated Moves to gen 5
Randomized held items -
The pokemons you catch in
the wild that has item - The
item that the pokemon has
been given to you.
Random starters
Random Trainer Pokemons
Randomized Trainer Names
Randomized Trainer Class
Random Wild Pokemons -
You should be able to catch
all pokemons.
Randomized Static
Pokemons - any pokemon
can replace any pokemon,
for example u can get mew
in the games corner.
Global Text
Random TM&HM Moves - it
wont be affected the way its
meant to be played used at
the specific time.
All Pokemons are
compatible with all the TM
and HM.
Game flying bird screen
changed to different colors
Changed some things at
Trade Pokemons has been
Every Item is for sale
including even items and
Rival has a random starting

What needs to be done?
Tileset editing
Mart store editing
Global Text
Adding more sprites
Editing Gym Leader
Pokemons - every gym
leader up to 6 pokemons.
Add stronger level of
pokemons in the wild.

No idea if I will add these:
Map editing
Adding trainers
Changing scrips or adding
Palette Editing

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