Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pokemon Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina!

Pokémon Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina - Alpha 2.1.5 __________________________________________________________ Before you start your epic adventure, I recommend to start over!

Hi, there! After 2 years and 3 months of hacking, testing and a bit of downtime, it's now my honor to announce that alpha 2.1.5 now official has been released! In this alpha version, You're ready to discover a new region called: Trion! So far, sadly enough, only the first peaceful village: Longhorn Village, the rough route 601, The shiny caves of Trion: Mt. Hydronic, the lovely city: Atlernion City, the magnificent Purity Forest, the rocky route 602, The enchanting cave: Xanateos Cave and the informal great Itacis City are available. Furthermore, you'll be able to challenge the gym-leaders Gesina and Taivas, play the first 20 unique side quests and reveal the secret of the almighty disorder POKéMON! This alpha version ends after beating the second gym, and you, unfortunately, will not be able to continue your journey to route 603!

New Key Features __________________________________________________________ - POKéPAPER, your daily news source! - Automatic trainer level cap increase! - Starter related "legendary" mission! - Some D/P/P sprited 1st gen, 2e gen and 3e gen inserted! - Daily Missions are available! - Become good or evil! - Headbutt capabilities! - Old bugs that caused alot of problems (*kuch* count script *kuch*) has been solved! - Collect trion tokens, and become the collector master! - Brand new trainer sprites! - Few more hidden maps! - New graphical additions!

Bugs and Glitches __________________________________________________________

Minor impact: Still need to be resolved, but doesn't do any harm! BOLD: Still need to be resolved! Green: I never could resolve!

: Bag layout seems like to change color after selecting a item

: POKéDEX mini-map (location POKéMON capture!) has still the old "KANTO" line.

: Capture a POKéMON in wild grass works perfect, but when you capture it and it appears in the "flash" POKéDEX the text (information) border remains black! This won't stay forever but it's a bug that we cannot fix for now, it has something to do with the battle background!

: When you use your town map it might occur that your location is different!

: When prof. Rowan call up the Shinx in the intro. The POKéBALL ''floats'' left of him.

: Costum trainer battle background has not been added yet!

: Due the weird cry table it might occur that there are a few cries that doesn't sound correct!

: Due a weird bug it reverse different POKéMON as correct during the WANTED event, besides that, you're still able to do these events!

: I'm aware that the OW in the Xanateos cave doesn't match the POKéMON that has been said! I forgot to insert it!

: Mom slides over the floor, instead of walking.

Fun knowledge from Dark Cry: TLoG __________________________________________________________

: Area's could have been changed by morning, day, afternoon, evening or night! (This makes exploring the Trion Region endless!)

: POKéMON Dark Cry: TLoG also contains alot of side quests and mini-games. These make this hack more entertained to play!

: Regular tiles like a window, radio's and Tree's might contain a behavior byte script! These make more things possible!

: Be sure you activate your RTC! Otherwise some events? might won't work! Wonder how to activate your RTC? Options-->emulator-->Real Time Clock.

Don't do the following! (© protected!) (If you do I'll hunt you down with a blunt knife and cut your eye out, the header code hasn't changed for nothing!) __________________________________________________________

: Don't use/rip the OW's that has been inserted in dark cry: TLoG!

: Don't use/rip the tileset/pallets that has been inserted in dark cry: TLoG!

: Don't use/rip scripts or even part of scripts that has been inserted in dark cry: TLoG!

: Don't decompile ASM routlines and use them for your own!

: Don't use the tilemaps/RAW's that has been inserted in dark cry: TLoG!

Please report any errors you come across, detailing what happened and possibly providing screenshots to help. Make sure you check this list to see if the error has already been reported, though.

Frequently Asked Questions __________________________________________________________

Question: The in-game time show 12:0 every time! Even when it's for example 15:40! Answer: Be sure you activate your RTC! Otherwise some/many events won't work!

Question: It seems like I'm stuck in the Torn World! I can't jump to another platform! Answer: I'm aware of this, the only thing you supposed to do is press the "A" button!

Special Thanks __________________________________________________________

All fans: Support me to continue! Everyone else who has put in the credit list!

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  1. when does the game get done i'm playing 2.1.5 but wondering if it will ever get done

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  3. There Is A Offcail Game Thread

    if you have any questions or you need help please Send Privit Msg To Game Creator