Monday, June 10, 2013

Pokemon The Tempest- Beta 2 Released

In the region of Splithe, things have
been changing in recent years. On
the western peninsula, pokemon
from other regions such as
appeared, and on the eastern
peninsula, other non-native
pokemon have settled. No one has
been able to draw a conclusion as to
why this congregation of pokemon
has occured. Do they know
something that we don't? The
Tempest , as they call themselves,
seem to have a lead on the
phenomenon. This notorious group
believes that a mysterious, inner
power is drawing the pokemon to
Splithe, and they believe they will
be able to harness and wield this
great power. According to The
Tempest : a storm is coming...
Similar to other games, the hero's
adventure starts out in a small town
and slowly builds his/her way up in
the world of pokemon. The hero
doesn't know his/her father because
he disappeared when the hero was
born. The hero's rival is also a vital
part of the plot because he is always
helping the hero with different
tasks. This quest involves a search
for a father, solving the mystery
behind the congregation of
pokemon, stopping The Tempest ,
and becoming a pokemon master
New Feutures
The new region of Splithe
An awesome plot
The hero starts with an EEVEE and
gets to choose between 3 evolution
Some evolution changes to make
pokemon like ALAKAZAM obtainable
Gym Leaders have private Pokemon
Gardens with very special Pokemon
in them for you to catch!
Running Shoes are usable inside
An EV training sector
Shiny encounters
The Pokeball a pokemon is caught in
can be changed.
Character Bios
Priman Town is your home, and you
have never had the need to travel
anywhere. Just before you were born,
your father, a great and upcoming
trainer, left your family with nothing
more than a goodbye. When
Professor Logan gives you the chance
to get out of Priman Town, you take
full advantage of it. With the
thoughts of becoming a skilled
trainer and finding your father,

Eeveelution Changes
First, all EEVEE/Eveelutions gain
experience at the same rate as the
original starter Pokemon. Second,
Umbreon and Espeon are obtainable
by the Moon Stone and Sun Stone
respectively. Third, all of their
movesets have been changed. Read
on below to see the specific

Download Pokemon The Tempest

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