Friday, June 21, 2013

Pokémon Ruby Destiny - Life of Guardians

Introduction "A simple greeting creates many smiles." Hi everyone. I am destinedjagold, and I am the author/creator of the Ruby Destiny series. I present to you the third and final game of the Ruby Destiny Series, which is Life of Guardians. And yes, unfortunately, this is the last game of the RD series. Reason? Well, life has become a hassle when you're growing up, or growing old. Time should be spent on more important things for my human survival. So, yeah. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy playing this hack. Mind the bugs, by the way. And of, if you're lost in the game, try and download the guide tool I made. It's a walkthrough. Anyway, enjoy~

Hack Information "Knowledge is power." Name: Pokémon Ruby Destiny - Life of Guardians ROM Base: Pokémon Ruby U.S. Version (Note: Use the Ruby ROM without the MUGS intro )

Life of Guardians' Story... In the altered world where Team Go-Getters accidentally created lives a young girl who always dreamed tobe a Guardian Trainer after she heard all about it, even though she has no idea how to be come one, but still, she's determined to achieve her goal to be a Guardian Trainer. One day, she can no longer stay home, for she wants to achieve her goal, and so she went out to try and befriend a POKéMON so she can travel the region and learn about Guardian Trainers. Unfortunately, she was stopped by her childhood friend, Kevin, and when they decided to go back home, a shaman was running for her dear life. She was chased by two members of the Dark Organization, trying to steal her POKéMON. Unsure of what to do, she asked both kids to choose one POKéMON from her and battle the grunts. Later, they successfully defeated the grunts, which then fled. To thank them, she gave them the POKéMON they used as a reward. And now that she has a POKéMON with her side, she will finally be able to start her own journey to achieve her goal to be a Guardian Trainer, But the region's been chaotic since the rise of the Dark Organization. Trials await her in the future, and a strange dream's confusing her. Will she be able to achieve her goal, or will she drive her destiny into the wrong path of life?

Features "We should know what to expect." > Explore the region of Hevah... > New hero/heroine... > 4th and 5th generation and Custom Made Pokémon... > New tiles, sprites, maps, music, events... > Starters: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle... > New Rivals... > Trainers will reward you with less money... > Items will be expensive than normal... > Day and Night System... > Play 3 modes of the game: Good, Bad and Normal! > ...and more which I forgot to mention...

Tools Used They did excellent jobs on the tools, so they need credit in creating hacks. > Advance Map = LU-HO > Advance Text = Scizz > Advanced Series - Wichu > Hex Workshop > Sappy > Unlz-GBA = EliteMap team > PokéCryGUI = EliteMap team > PKMN Editor Pro = Darthatron > Y.A.P.E. = silver314 > Day And Night = Mastermind X > OW Editor & OW Changer > XSE = HackMew > PokeScript > IconEd > Start Money Ed = ZodiacTheGreat > Item Editor = thethethethe > ROM Hacker XP = Wichu

Bugs/Glitches/Oddities "No one's perfect, no matter how hard we practice to be perfect." >Minor >Major > Possible that Ralts will faint during the Light Catching Pokémon script... > Some new music takes a bit of time to start to play... > Some music are a bit loud... > Don't press 'A' repeatedly or hold any directional buttons during any events in the game

Download Here:

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