Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pokemon Prestigious Platinum

I'm sure you're familiar with my
previous work from the exceptionally
(and unexpected) popular hack,
Pokémon Expert Emerald! Since this
project went so well I decided to try
my hand at another hack, using a
game that I'm unfamiliar with in the
field of editing I decided to go with
Pokémon Platinum! I wanted to try
and re-create the elements that lie
within Expert Emerald and
implement them into a Platinum
hack and thus Prestigious Platinum
was born!
This will be like my previous hack(s)
where it will focus on increasing the
difficulty and allowing you to
capture all 493 Pokémon no strings
My previous attempt to hack
Platinum didn't go down all too well
as I did not dedicate no where near
as much time as I have to this one,
there are many perks to this hack
which I'm sure you will enjoy, I have
thoroughly enjoyed creating this
hack myself as strange as that may
sound. Albeit some major setbacks
including losing several weeks of
work, however I managed to get back
on track and finish it off!

Difficulty - The difficulty of the
whole game dynamic has been
intensifyed, this means that every
Gym Leader, Elite Four Member,
Trainer etc has been edited! This
also includes rematches with
trainers and other important NPC's.
I can assure you that every
individual trainer has been edited
including their rematch teams!
Pokémon - All Pokémon are
available in game, whether that be
in the wild or via evolution, you will
be able to obtain all 493 Pokémon.
Documents - As you will notice with
the download, I have compiled
several documents which will provide
you with ALL the information needed
to know about this hack and how it
differs from the original game.
Evolutions - Many evolutions that
require trade, happiness, items etc
have been changed, not all but a
vast majority of them allowing you to
fill up your Pokédex! - You can find a
list in the "General Changes"
Abilities - 70+ Pokémon now have
changed Primary/Secondary abilities,
these may be what I feel suited their
persona or some may be from their
hidden ability in the Dream World. -
You can find a list in the "General
Changes" Document
Stats - 70+ have also had their stats
increased, these are Pokémon that
play an important role in these
games, these will be the ones used
by important characters such as Gym
Leaders & Elite Four members. This
is also to increase the power of
those weaker who need a slight bulk
up. - You can find a list in the
"General Changes" Document
Legendaries - Unfortunately my
hacking skills of the fourth
generation aren't so strong yet but
you can still capture all 34
legendaries, you will find them
scattered around the later areas of
the Sinnoh region but with low
encounter rates. - More details at
the "Legendaries Location"
Type Changes - There are only few
but some Pokémon have a changed
Primary/Secondary type. For example,
Lopunny is now Normal/Fighting
type - You can find a list in the
"General Changes" Document

*I want to say a special thanks to
The Grubby Pup for helping me save
my hack from going absolutely bust,
providing detailed information and
being a huge help!

Bugs & Errors
*On the lower tier of Route 204
there is a glitch regarding the wild
Pokémon, this may be the case for
some other areas.
*Where it says "Old Rod" on the
Wild Pokémon Locations Document,
it should in fact read "Good Rod"

Make sure you use the Base ROM
that this hack was created from:
(Pokemon Platinum US XenoPhobia) -
Google it!
Also, ensure you are using the
Tsukuyomi Patcher or NUPS to apply
the Patch to the ROM, Tsukiyomi
Patcher will be included in the
*To clarify, this patch is the full
game, everything edited, final
release etc. So go ahead and click
the download below!

Download Here:

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