Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pokémon Neosun

Due to continued deforestation celebi "guardian of the forest" has had a lot of work and fatigue is remarkable for the plans of an enemy.
Celebi is attacked and contaminated with a wakeup call ancient skill which gives birth to evil in the Pokemon ...
With the corroded celebi will leave behind the goodness and becomes Necroscelebi. (Necroshcelebi)
Begins to destroy the nature that it had created, drying and destroying trees and leaving the mountains and desert valleys.

Realizing that the "creator" in fear that celebi finished destroying all life on the world's flora, named Shaymin and the new guardian of the forest.

Likewise a new sun (NEOSUN) makes sunrise and rebirth of life.


Today just turned 15 years one of the most anticipated day of your life, celebrate after talks with your closest friends and decide to fulfill an old promise: Go to the Forbidden Forest which always wanted to go (although not prohibited because your friends you know anyone that is a forest) are still there witnessed the battle shaymin vs necroscelebi. Realizing the battle residues decide to try to help both parties to adventure with your friends, not knowing that you get in the way of strangers, now the destination is ....

Region: Tenochtitlan



Credits: WesleyFG for minis

(Uff here is what too many people almost strong I remember all but I have helped some little value his effort would have to make a Word document to thank them all, so I apologize but I will put those who have helped me to improve in all since I started.

-Neos: thanks carnal ex - teacher, because I showed a way forward with your sprites now it has paid off.
-William gj: thanks brother for always giving me your support, especially for believing in me.
Javs: Thanks brother, for all we have done together (?) For being a vital part of my growth as a hacker and that I always tell you.
Tokyn: Thanks friend, you are one of the people whom I have also received much support, even if you are here let me minis style perfect for me I hope you do not get mad but mine own will send you a PM.
Koder: for always being available to treat you in a short time you have become a great e-friend or so concidero
Diego, for helping me with the theme css thanks friend, you are great man,
Ken, Deryko, Rafa, Rat, Juanjo, zero, Mena, seiyouh, piru (riku), neon: for always giving me support and alavarme xDser great friends I've always really liked his company.
Brendan: that long ... well still a good friend and accepts a trade xD thanks men.
Payro: Why was the first person to bother asking for help: O.
Zein: for these high-level challenges made me try to be better: O.
Kurama: for being a great friend whom you have not see, give me support, advice and so on.
Zik: for being a great friend and always helping me and some directions.
Scarex: for sharing with me a direction I have been the one given to me.
Eing: for teaching basic synthesis of a script by brother.
And ati, for taking the time to read this post.

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