Monday, June 10, 2013

Pokémon Genesis

"In the beginning, there was only a
churning turmoil of chaos. At the
heart of chaos, where all things
became one, appeared an Egg.
Having tumbled from the vortex, the
Egg gave rise to the Original One.
From itself, two beings the Original
One did make. Time started to spin.
Space began to expand. From itself
again, three living things the
Original One did make. The two
beings wished, and from them,
matter came to be. The three living
things wished, and from them, spirit
came to be. The world created, the
Original One took to an unyielding
You start at your hometown Verasa
Cape in the Serao region. One day
your dad asks you to go to the
neighboring town to pick up a parcel
for him. Unbeknown to you, your
father is the head of an organization
bent on the awakening of the
Legendary Pokémon Arceus who, in
legend, is said to have created the
universe with it's 1,000 arms. You
visit your neighbor to borrow a
Pokémon and thus begin your
Hack Of: FireRed (U) [BPRE]
Language: English
Author: GraN
Beautiful Scenery
Featuring subtle pallete changes and
new tiles Genesis will provide a
beautiful and realistic landscape to
the all new region of Serao.
New Events
Non-linear decision based scripts
written from scratch. The storyline
will include many Judaic/Christian
D/P Pokémon
31 D/P Pokémon to be included in
Genesis, available after the first

Cave of Origin
» Mist Forest
» Overworlds and sprite
Mist Forest
» Overworlds and sprites
» Fiore Town
» Gaia City
» Draest Cave
» Dracovia Village
» Indigo Plateau
» Beta 3
preBeta.ips (49.2 KB
preBeta Revised.ips (86.8 KB
Beta 1.ips (387.4 KB
Beta 2.ips (682.0 KB
Fixed Beta 2.ips (856.2 KB
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