Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Pokemon Fireblossom

Pokemon Fireblossom

It it quiet in Oldale Town, People
walk by, doing their daily
activities. Scientists are out
observing the strange wild
Pokemon changes in Route 101
and 103. A small deep purple mist
begins to form in the centre of the
town. People begin to notice, and
a few run screaming. The mist
begins to become more unstable.
People are noticing more, and are
gathering around. Suddenly, the
mist explodes and envelopes all of
Oldale Town. A few minutes later,
the mist clears. People are walking
around like nothing happened,
The centre of the town is replaced,
Tiles surround a rock, People crowd
around the rock, and one says,
'That's a nice rock, isn't it?' So
Sedicentory Town began.
Editing a Pokemon Map in a

I'm making a Pokemon Game, I'm
calling it Fireblossom.
Fireblossom is a hack of Pokemon
Sapphire, made with Advance Map.
The plot is happening later, and
no sprites have been implemented
yet, so keep your hair on. Also,
Your father in this IS NOT
NORMAN. The team is called Team
Dominate, and their employees are
wide-eyed, expressionless talking
Play as a girl.
Wally isn't asthmatic, he has
cancer and eventually dies at the
end of the game.
Post the glitches you find below.
The furthest you should be able to
go is Dewgond\Flowtha. Once in
either of these two towns, please
don't do anything there.
No-one has their sprite
Download Here:

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