Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pokemon Fire Red: Warrior Edition

This is just a hack of Pokemon Fire
Red, I'm actually doing this because
I'm bored during my free time, so I
won't be putting major changes into
this. I only made changes to four
Pokemon, Ralts' family and Castform,
I cannot do in major scripts or script
changes, the only thing I can do
involving scripts are giving
pokemon/eggs/items and new
trainers. Also, Castform in now the
3rd Gen Audino. This is, in a way,
and "Challenge Mode".

New Features
Your new Starter is Ralts, who now
evolves into a extremely strong
Gardevior with insane moves,
including the three elemental hyper
beams at level 100. Also, Gary also
uses Ralts, so be careful.
The wild Pokemon have not been
edited, some may be moved around
and evened out to fit Castform at 2%
everywhere, and I mean
Trainer teams will also not be edited
much, some will be, but most will
not, only bosses will recieve major
changes, and some even may not. All
levels will be edited though.
You can now also receive all three
Kanto Starters before the first Gym
and Omanyte, Kabuto and Aerodactyl
after beating Misty.
I will not be adding any 4th/5th gen
Pokemon, or adding extra 2nd/3rd
gen Pokemon to pre-game areas,
only post-game.
On Island 7, you now get all
2nd/3rd gen starters, legendaries,
and other special pokemon given to
you. Special Pokemon include
Larvitar, Lileep, Smoochum, and
many others.
There are only three Ralts, you get
one, Gary gets one, but who gets the
last one, there is a special trainer
on Island 4 that has it.


I think these are who made these,
I'm just checking by the "About" in
the Program and the readmes, if I
got some wrong, please tell me.
LU-HO for AM 1.95
HackMew for A-Trainer and A-Starter
Creator of YAPE, I'm sorry, I don't
know who made it
Creator of XSE, same as YAPE
The Team
Spoiler: Hide
Me - Most small stuff, like adding
trainers, editing stuff
Sudeki - Scripts, thanks to him, now
there will be a 2nd rival

Bugs and Errors
- I'm having trouble with scripting,
so I'll put those on hold, unless
someone could help, look at post #4,
it has the details about it.
Check Attachments.
I will not have documents, if
anybody needs info, just ask and I'll
post answers.

Here is a full list of TRAINER level
only, not wild levels.
Spoiler: Hide
Route 1(4-8)
Route 22(6-10)
Route 2(4-8)
Viridian Forest(9-13)
Brock's Gym(12-16)
Route 3(12-16)
Mt. Moon(13-17)
Route 4(15-19)
Route 24(17-21)
Route 25(17-21)
Misty's Gym(21-25)
Route 5(22-26)
Route 6(23-27)
Route 11(25-29)
S.S. Anne(25-29)
Lt. Surge's Gym(30-34)
Route 9(31-35)
Route 10(32-36)
Rock Tunnel(32-36)
Route 7(33-37)
Route 8(34-38)
Erika's Gym(41-45)
Pokemon Tower(43-47)
Routes 12-18(46-50)
Koga's Gym(52-56)
Silph Co.(48-52)
Sabrina's Gym(52-56)
Routes 19-21(56-60)
Seafoam Islands(57-61)
Pokemon Mansion(58-62)
Blaine's Gym(62-66)
One Island(66-70)
Two Island(67-71)
Three Island(67-71)
Giovanni's Gym(74-78)
Victory Road(77-81)
Four Island(90-100)
Five Island(90-100)
Six Island(90-100)
Seven Island(90-100)

Custom Trainers
I can make a few custom trainers for
other people, just fill out this form,
and I may release it in the beta
after the current one. I will stop
after a certain amount, but I don't
know yet.
1. If it's a trainer before the E4 first
round, only Kanto Pokemon.
2. Reasonable levels and Pokemon
please, like level 9ish Sandshrew in
Viridian Forest(I know weird, but it's

Trainer Type:
What Gender:
Trainer Name:
Where to put:
Pokemon on team:
Trainer Type: Youngster
What Gender: Male
Trainer Name: Bill
Where to put: Route 2
Pokemon in team: Oddish Lv.7
Metapod Lv.7

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