Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pokémon Fire Red: Generations (Hack Complete)

I think I've been down this path
many times now, meaning created
some sort of Fire Red hack which
ends up going corrupt or ending up
becoming glitched beyond repair! So
I'm hoping I can touch lucky this
time round. This will be similar to
my previous Fire Red entries with
extra features added on to make the
game much more enjoyable and
As always, this game focuses on
difficulty and capturing every
Pokemon available. I have applied
all what I can to make this hack
credible, I have spend endless hours
perfecting and tweaking the extra
features and details to make sure
that it runs smoothly so hopefully
you won't run into any glitches this
time! Scroll down to see the new
and improved features that this hack
has to offer, enjoy!

Game Features
Difficulty - As always, the games
difficulty has increased dramaticly,
with an adjustable level curve.
Wild Pokemon - Again, you will be
able to capture all 386 Pokemon one
way or another, a list of locations
has been provided.
Rivals & Rockets - You will notice
that you have two extra companions
to battle along the way. This include
May from the Hoenn Region and
Jessie & James from Team Rocket!
You will battle both of these several
times throughout your journey.
Extra Items - All those useful,
unobtainable items that you
couldn't get are availble as gift
items. This includes Lucky Egg, Silver
Powder, Thick Club etc. A list of
locations has been provided for
these too.
Stat Increases - A handful of
Pokemon have had a suitible stat
increase, this mainly applies to those
with a lower Stat total. You can find
all these on the Document with the
Extra Areas - There are a couple of
extra areas for you to nab some
different Pokemon! (Mainly
Events - There is also a handful of
events scattered around Kanto, this
includes Gift Pokemon Events, Egg
Events, Legendary events etc.
Evolution - Obviously, the evolutions
of the Pokemon with unaccessable
methods of evolution have now been
Gym Rematches - Since these were
left out of FRLG, I decided to kinda
create Gym Leader Rematches. These
take place in a small building in
Vermillion City which you can only
access once becoming Champion!
Familiar Faces - You will notice
several Gym Leaders have been
replaced with characters from
different Regions! See if you can
spot them all.
Type & Gender Changes - Some
Pokemon have had their Types and
Gender changed, this applies to
those who I feel needed them.
Aesthetic Changes - A few Routes/
Areas will have a slightly overhauled
look, including entrances to new
Attack Changes - Many of the
Pokemon now have a more fitting
and suitable moveset, this applies to
atleast 200 Pokemon. I have also
boosted the Power, PP and Accuracy
of many Attacks such as Dig, Cut,
Aerial Ace etc.
Starters - Finally, I have rearranged
the Starters to a more diverse
mixture which is now Clamperl,
Tyrogue and Trapinch. These share
similar characteristics with each
other which is why I chose these
three. Why not the originals? This is
because rather than having the
generic set of Bulbasaur,
Charmander and Squirtle, I thought
it would be fun to change things up
a bit and give you the opportunity
to obtain a Pokemon that you can't
usually obtain that early on in the
game. Besides, you will be able to
get Bulbasaur, Charmander and
Squirtle via events before the third
Gym anyway.

Change Log
Version 1.2
Mew can now be caught as an Event
in Victory Road near to Mewtwo
A few existing Sprite errors have now
been fixed
Bagon & Beldum can now be
obtained as Event Pokemon
Any unattended glitches that were
listed have been resolved, mainly
Team Rocket
Latios & Latias are now located and
can be caught at Victory Road as
A few Attack changes have been
made (Swellow Slash @ Lv. 46,
Dodrio Swords Dance @ Lv. 43 &
Aerial Ace @ Lv. 56, Cloyster Calm
Mind @ Lv. 52)
Any reported bugs have been

Version 1.1
You can now obtain the Four Fossil
Pokemon (Kabuto, Omanyte, Lileep &
Anorith) by talking to the Man
outside of Celadon City Gym
The caves that contain Kyogre,
Groudon and the Regi Trio are now
Roxanne's battle script is much less
glitched than previously
The battle with May on Water Path
has been relocated to Ruin Valley
The Team Rocket error in the Rocket
Hideout basement has been fixed
Any signposts that could be walked
on have now been corrected
Moonstones are now priced at 3,000
Pokedollars, the same applies to the
other Elemental Stones
Cascoon & Silcoon no longer have no
moves when caught from Viridian
The base stat EXP for the three
starters has been balanced equally
for fairness
The dialogue in the Dragon Dojo has
now been alternated.

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