Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pokemon Expert Emerald~ BETA 2 RELEASED

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Gym Leaders - All Gym Leaders have
had an increase in their level and
change to their teams, a vast
majority will now have six Pokémon!
Generic Teams - All trainers, grunts,
bosses etc will use all different
Pokemon at higher levels! This will
help you fill up your Pokédex.

Rematches - Gym Leader & Trainer
rematches have been edited too!
Elite Four - The Elite Four now all
use 6 Pokemon with an intelligent

Elite Four Rematches - The Elite four
are also available to rematches in
the small house located at the
Battle Frontier.
Pokémon - All Pokémon will be able
to be obtained one way or another.

Evolutionary Changes - Those
Pokémon who required trade or
happiness to evolve no longer need
to, they have been changed to
something less tedious - Check the
Documents for further Information!

Attack Power & Type Changes -
Several Attacks have had a boost in
their Power and/or PP. Also, several
Pokemon have had their types
completely changed or edited.
Events - All Legendary and Starter
Pokémon will be obtained via events
scattered throughout the game! You
can also obtain other Event Pokemon
such as Starters.

Abilities - Some Pokemon have new
Primary and/or Secondary Abilities,
these can be found in the General
Changes Document.

★ Those struggling to train,
Triathlete Maria on Route 117 will
have a Chansey who you can
rematch several times and eventually
a Blissey. This is great for training
purposely especially for the later
★ When you obtain the Old Rod
from the Fisherman at Dewford
Town, try using it on the early
Routes/Towns in Hoenn... you will
find some useful Water type
★ A couple of Pokemon cries i.e
Blaziken, Sceptile etc have became
corrupt do to miscoding.
★ For those using Macs and are
having trouble patching, try visiting

Download Here:

screen Shot  Has Been Added Soon

Beta released; Length 2 Gyms,

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