Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pokemon Shiny Red

Pokemon Shiny Red

Start the game Pokemon Fire Red
with a legendary Lv 100 shiny! All
you have to do is download the
shiny rom below and then
download the sav file. Extract the
sav file to E/data/others/vbag
folder. Open the game in your
vbag and click Continue. You are
in Viridian City, yeah the start of
the journey! Go to the PC Box at
the centre and look in it. You will
find lots of Lv 100 shiny starters.
All with their strongest moves
and attack rate. Enjoy. Only vbag
users can load the sav file.

ROM: Pokemon Shiny Fire Red.zip


SAV FILE: Pokemon Shiny Fire
Red.zip (128kb)


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