Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pokemon Minral Freez

People who have played pokemon
mineral have encountered an error

during the battle against the
pokemon MOMPKMN (Quagsire) in
Kanto. So, today I've posted an
useful trick to overcome this error.

For this u must follow the steps
given below:

I. First level up ur pokemon so
that one hit of ur pokemon will
faint ur opponent (U can do this
by using rare candies available in
the Cherrygrove city mart). I
mostly recommend using a grass
type or a steel type move against
MOMPKMN. I used iron tail against
it. Put ur leveled up pokemon in
the 1st slot.

II. Next go to the man in Kanto
who uses MOMPKMN. Go near him
and save ur game (Careful. He
must not see u).
III. Open ur game and continue.
IV. Battle with the man. His 1st
pokemon is MOMPKMN. As soon


he takes it out SUSPEND ur game
(Press left soft key and select
suspend). Then Exit the game.
V. Open the save game by
selecting resume game and then
the save game in the main menu.
VI. Now hit the MOMPKMN with
the pokemon u have leveled up
(Step 1). U'll see that the HP bar
of ur opponent will disappear
instantly and game will freeze. So,
exit ur game and run the save
game again. Do this for sometime
again and again. At one time the
game will run successfully and the
pokemon will faint. Then the man
will take out his 2nd pokemon. As
soon as he takes it out, suspend
ur game again to save it.

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