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Pokemon Games Walk Through

Pokemon Flora sky walkthrough

1==> Mystic Town==>Small
Town==>Platepics City==>Platepics
Research Center==>Beat team
Magma==>Exchange the B-Ticket
for the Mach Bike==>Find the gym
leader near Route F==>Route
H==>Route I==>Teaes City==>Rival
Battle==>Route J==>Turzoro
City==>Battle with Team Aqua (2
times) nad Wally==>
Gym 3==>Obtain the Pokeblock in
ahouse==>Safari Zone (get HM4 in
a house there)==>Route
P==>habutest Town==>Talk to Mr
April==>Searound City==>Beat
Aqua Admin + Get 4th
Underground==>Charpo s
City==>Charpos Harbor==>magmar
Building==>Platepics Research
Center (top)==>Forest
Entrance==>Polar Forest==>ODeep
Forest==>Torn World + capture
Shaymin==>Malias City==>Gym
5==>Route R, S==>Charpos
Island==>Festa Zone (if you want
to visit)==>Route
AB== >Rival Battle==>Charpos
Island==>Golden City==>Honey
Village==>Obtain Secret
Potion==>Route AB==>Pulhia
City==>Hotasita City==>Gym
6==>Pokemon Contest==>Get the
6th badge==>Obtain TEA nad HM2
in a house in Pulhia==>ocepac
Town==>Exchange for the
Scope==>TEaes City==>Gym
7==>Dark Cave (find HM8)==>Route
F==>Meteor Falls==>Aragi\'s
Lab==>Puel CityMuseum==>Aqua
U==>Underwater==>Sea floor
Cavern==> Route G==>Surence
Town==>Gym 8==>Find Hm 7 in
Water Cave (Route E)==>Route
L==>Victory Road==>Pokemon
Challenge Island==>Gloomist
Forest==>Find Red Shard
(Hippowdon Temple), Blue Shard
(Malias Library), Yellow Shard (the
house in Platepics
City, where you meet Caitlin)==>mt
Fullmoon==>Peak==>La tias/
latios==>Gloomi st Forest==>Gima
\'s Rest House==>Q
Area==>Mission 1==>
Mission 1==>Honey Village obtain
the app. in the warehose==>use it
in the Gloomist Forest==>Find the
girls==>Return Challenge
Mission 2==>Steven: cave in Route
J==>Golden City==>Vs Sky, obtain
the app.==>Awake Snorlax==>Hole
Woods==>Unlock the hidden house
(there are four green stone:
bottomright, top left, top right,
bottom left)==>Malias
Library==>Read the middle
book==>Mt Fiery==>Magma
Hideout==>Festazone, talk to the
guard man==>Silver Town==>Aqua
Town==>Under water==>Vs
Archie==>Sky Pillar (Route
AG)==>Awake Rayquaza==>Aqua
Town, obtain HM 5==>Rebattle
Elite Four==>Golden City
Prepare: Pokemon know Flash,
Rocksmash, Dig, Wailord,

Pokemon Ultimed End (GBC)

As you begin the game you'll find
yourself in Ice Cave.
There are three items there and
one contains HM Waterfall so make
sure to pick it up.
Then visit the two other "houses"
and you'll find Elm and get to
choose one of the kanto starters to
your starter pokemon.
All of them are good but in my
opinion Bulbasaur is the best
since it learns Sleep Powder and
Leech Seed.
After you've picked your starter go
out of the cave and head west
until you reach Mr. Pokemon.
After that go back to Cherrygrove
but remember to train since your
rival is going to attack.
Boss #1
1st Rival Battle
Starter lv9
He's tough since his starter has
already learned one of its own
type's moves.
However you can lose this fight if
you want to.
After the battle head back to Elm
and you'll get a quest to collect
the gym badges.
Then go back to Cherrygrove and
train your party at least up to lv8
since the trainers are tough.
Then just fight the trainers and
you'll get to Violet City and to
Sprout Tower.
Also in Violet you can trade a
Beedrill to Chansey if you like.
In Sprout Tower fight the trainers
(they'll have Machops & Mankeys
at lv 6-14 I think).
After you beat them you need to
train a lot since the Elder and
Falkner are really tough.
Boss #2
The Elder
Mankey lv14
Machoke lv16
Primeape lv16
They don't know any special moves
so they'll mostly use Karate Chop
and useless moves like Focus
After you beat him go to the gym
and you'll find out it's fire-type
Beat the trainers and then train
two pokemon up to lv20 or so.
Also make sure you've some
Potions in your bag.
Boss #3
Gym Leader Falkner
Quilava lv18
Magmar lv20
Quilava uses Smokescreen, Swift
and Ember so try to use a
pokemon that doesn't have to fight
Magmar next so that you can
change your first pokemon.
This is helpful because then the
accuracy changes won't work
Magmar knows Thunder Punch and
Fire Punch so you won't have any
pokemon which would do well
against him.
If you've Ivysaur try to put him
into sleep and then make another
pokemon fight it.
After you beat Falkner go and get
Togepi-egg in the PC and then
head south towards Ruins of Alph.
After you reach Ruins of Alph
you'll have to do Kabuto-puzzle
and then you'll fall in Dark Cave.
Here you need HM Flash and you
can for example teach it to
Exeggute or Mareep.
Go through Dark Cave and you'll
get to Viridian City.
Go to Mart and buy HM Cut there.
(Below Viridian City is Pallet Town
where "Cianwood Pharmacy" is).
Now you should train a lot in the
route next to Viridian and if you
want you can catch Pikachu there
which is helpful against the next
gym leader.
It learns Thunderbolt in lv 25-26 I
After you've trained go to the
Viridian Gym and you'll see the
trainers use water-type pokemon.
The leader is Bugsy who is also a
tough one.
Boss #4
Gym Leader Bugsy
Starmie lv28
Omastar lv29
Dragonair lv30
Bugsy is tough since his pokemon
know "strange" moves.
Starmie can use Flame Wheel,
Bubblebeam, Razor Leaf and
Omastar Surf and Ancientpower.
Dragonair uses mostly
Dragonbreath, Thunder Wave or
Dragon Rage.
After you beat Bugsy go north and
you'll find National Park there.
Go and find TM Dig in the park.
After you've explored enough go
out and you'll find yourself in
Route 2 again.
There you can access Pewter City.
When you get to Pewter first check
the houses and you'll get HM
Strenght from one of the sailors.
Then after healing go east and
you'll get to Lighthouse.
In the Lighthouse if you make
yourself fall more down and down
all the time you'll soon get in
The prison guard will challenge
you and has three pokemon up to
If you beat him you can jump off
the prison and if you lose you'll
get back to Pewter and lose ½ of
your money.
To get to the place you want to be
just challenge the trainers along
the way and you'll find Jasmine.
(However by exploring you can find
some good items too )
When you get to Jasmine she asks
you to get medicine for her
Ampharos "Amphy".
Then you need to go back to Pallet
Town and talk to the pharmacist.
After that go back to Jasmine and
by following her where she goes
you'll find a hidden gym and the
leader is Jasmine of course.
Boss #5
Gym Leader Jasmine
Skarmory lv38
Scizor lv39
Ampharos lv40
This is probably the easiest gym
leader this far since her team isn't
that tough compared to Falkner's
and Bugsy's in that time.
However still watch out for Scizor's
Cross Chop and Ampharos' Mega
After you beat Jasmine you'll get
your 3rd badge.
Then go back to Pewter and you'll
need to explore that cave in the
western part of Pewter.

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