Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pokemon The Dark World

Pokemon Dark World

The player wakes up and
goes down stairs. When he
\she exits house Team Dark
They kick the player out of
the house and they say
they are searching for
somthing (Pokemon) (Needs
Changing Please Help) After
you get a Pokemon from
the Prof. Willow you can
enter your house but when
Team Dark leave they see
your Pokemon and battle
you. (These parts all badly
need changing Plez HELP)
After you battle him and
win he leaves. Prof. Willow
asks you to collect all the
Pokemon data in all of this
regin (havent thought of
name yet) But not only that
you also have to become
number one in the world
and also win in pokemon
contest to fully complete
the game. (I think the
Pokemon League and
Pokedex are overdone plez
help me think of a better
story line)


(Might) Online Play
Pokeball Making
(More likely) LAN Play
Pokegear (different name)
Expansion Packs
Fakemon and Pokemon
Downstairs of Pokecenter
Unique Items

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